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Tired of being subjected everyday to your competitors' Click Fraud on your Google Adwords campaigns?

Click fraud on Google Adwords

SeeYourClicks provides real-time analytics of the visitors' IP addresses who click your Adwords campaigns.
Our service automatically provides lists of fraudulent IP addresses to block from your campaigns in order for you to stop wasting money on Click Fraud.

SeeYourClicks also provides incredible potential in marketing analytics for your Google Adwords campaigns.
It automatically collects all the important information about an IP address such as exact clicking time, connection type (Computer, Mobile, Tablet) and visitors' geolocation information (Country, Region, City, Postal / ZIP code).

Make significant savings on your Google Adwords campaigns thanks to SeeYourClicks!
To start using SeeYourClicks, you just need to create a free account and install our CLICK TRACKER on your websites.

LIVE DEMO - My Google Adwords click analytics

TOTAL: 600 IP - 1494 clicks - 1987,02 $ of clicks
FRAUD TOTAL: 26 IP - 798 clicks - 53,41% of clicks - 1061,34 $ of clicks

Click Date # 1 IP Clicks Cost Fraud Type City ZIP code Region Country
Click Date # 1 IP Clicks Cost Fraud Type City ZIP code Region Country

To learn how to block some IP addresses on your Google Adwords campaigns, click here

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